Post-Paradise, Sorry Again

The culmination of My Barbarian’s Post-Living Ante-Action Theater (PoLAAT) workshops, a residency project in which the collective worked with local artists, musicians, and actors to develop this original work. The performance addresses the staging of liberation and is adapted from the Living Theater’s Paradise Now (1968) the antitheater’s Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now (1969), and the Group Theater’s Paradise Lost (1935) by Clifford Odets, among other sources. PoLAAT continues My Barbarian’s self-conscious performance of counterculture, translating what’s thought of as the ’60s into a performance of the present. Through this project, the artists consider the successes and failures of democracy in the face of increasingly powerful hegemony. Celebrate the 3rd or 4th of July with the PoLAAT!

The Post-Living Ante-Action Theater


Alexandro Segade

Amber Marsh

Danny McDonald

Giles Miller

Ginger Brooks Takahashi

Jade Gordon

Jennifer Sullivan

Juliana Romano

Kerry Farias

Larissa Velez

Malik Gaines

Rosalie Knox

Thursday, July 3 & 4, 2008 | 7:30 PM at the New Museum | $10 / $8 Members |

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