Okay so I have a lot of things to post, I need to find some time to catch up. I was going to do it this weekend but I went on a cleaning spree instead. After five years in this apartment (almost) this has been the Summer of Domestic Endeavors. I fixed some plumbing, cleaned like a motherf-er, threw stuff out, got organized. Its crazy.

I took a break from my cleaning and went out to dinner in my neighborhood – so I’ll give a shout-out to my local Turkish place, Tarabia. I had never been there before, even though its been open for awhile. And let me tell you, it is worth the trip to my ‘hood. Reasonably priced, great friendly service, good wine list and DELICIOUS food!! I had the Sultan’s Lamb which was succulent and spicy and altogether yummy. Hummus and spicy vegetable dip appetizers with warm “fresh-from the oven” bread were a great way to start, the environment is good for both intimate/romantic and friendly/jovial outings. If you’re up near 59th St. and 1st Ave, you should definitely stop by Tarabia for dinner.

And finally, on a totally different note, as I work on my epic treatise about culture, I had this random fleeting thought the other night. What if ADHD isn’t a disorder? What if it is the early manifestation of a profound shift in consciousness? What if it is just growings pains for the human mind? We’re moving from a text-based world to an immersive visual world, an incredibly fast networked reality of information overload. We medicate it now – and it causes us stress if we have ADHD because we don’t know what to do with it. But maybe we’re just changing. People were different before books and the written word, the human mind was different, our ability to convey the sophisticated, abstract and intangible was hampered by our inability to fix ideas in time and place. Now the expression of human imagination is no longer fixed to letters, symbols, pictographs and paper; nor is it returning to pure orality. It is becoming something other.

I don’t know. Just some random thoughts that I could investigate more deeply if I could just pay attention long enough!!!


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