Philly Weekend Two

This is a quick trip. Last night I got into town and saw Jerome Bel’s Pichet Klunchun and Myself which I didn’t get to see in NYC. It was just a wonderful and everyone said, really fantastic. And it was in a relatively intimate space so it felt very immediate and personal. Then I raced over to the oh-so-sweltering Christ Church for Dada Von Bzdulow Theatre’s Factor T which is a crazy dance/theater piece from Poland that will be at Danspace Project in October. So you can see for yourself, I won’t give anything away.

today I was going to see the 1PM showing of bodies in urban spaces by austrian choreographer Willi Dorner but thanks to Hurricane Hanna the performance was cancelled. I am very upset because I had heard good things about it.  tonight i’m going to see Rodrigo Garcia’s ACCIDENS (matar para comer), the infamous “lobster show” that caused such a stir when it was performed at the Segal Center a few months ago. Immediately afterward I’ll head back to NYC to dig back into PRELUDE!!!

Seeya ’round the quad!

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