Yeah but who is your baby-daddy?

I know this isn’t a gossip column, this damn blog is about ART!!! But still – Damn, Maggie Hoffman, who is your baby-daddy? I saw RADIOHOLE tonight at their benefit at the Kitchen (I know I know, but I just don’t have it in me anymore to party ’til 5AM at the Hole. That’s why I’m already home and writing. I know they’re all partying and everything but my body can’t take it.) Anyway, yadda yadda yadda Radiohole rules, etc. etc. – but damn! – hot naked pregnant Maggie Hoffman!! That’s all I’m saying. It is so wrong it has got to be right.

No seriously – ANGER/NATION is a psychedelic freak-out free-for-all, almost replacing “Radiohole is still my name” as my favorite radiohole show. All i’m saying is the part where they drop acid is amazing, the part where Scott and Eric shoot each other in the ass repeatedly while the seats vibrate with some kind of crazy  bass-psychedelic sound wash and the videos jitter and flutter and the tentacle-television thing waves in the non-existent breeze… that is crazy and disorienting. When Maggie emerges in smoke and light and takes an axe to beer in thermoses, when she descends talking girly-talk like a 30’s gangster moll sucking helium but naked from the waist down and pregnant as all hell, that’s crazy and amazing.

And of course the entire after-thing, the ridiculous highbrow spoof of esoteric bullshit talkbacks – awesome.

Don’t even blame me if you don’t see Radiohole this time. At the Kitchen. for, like, two more weeks.

I got a Radiohole plastic beer mug. Plus I bought a framed art picture – a photographic portrait of Eric and Maggie. I wanted to get this other one, more of an Odalisque kinda thing, but Don from NYSCA snapped it up before i got to it. Dang.


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