Help Wanted

Okay Okay so here’s the deal. I need help. As usual.

First and foremost I need someone to do marketing/pr for IRT. Things are starting to pick up speed over at our little theater in the West Village and we need help with re-branding, design, website, press kit, etc. etc. I’m really looking for someone who wants to get involved in a hands-on, committed way. Right now we’re all-volunteer, we’ve got some cool monthly events coming up, we’ve got great artists-in-residence and we’re starting to plan out the projects that will be developed for the 09-10 season. We could really use an extra hand to help organize the marketing/pr stuff.

The other thing I need is an intern for me, personally.  Between PRELUDE, Culturebot, IRT and my various other projects/responsibilities it is getting kind of tricky to stay on top of all the shows, reviews, emails, press kits, DVDs of shows, etc. etc.  So if someone would like to help me out that’d be great. I can’t afford to pay you, obviously, but you’ll learn a lot about NYC performance stuff really fast.

Lemme know.



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