Lobby Talks at DTW

Should be interesting:

The (non) narrative use of language, voice and sound in performance
Tuesday, Oct 14 at 7:30pm at DTW

Organized by Chase Granoff

This conversation will explore the interest of spoken language and verbal sound in contemporary performance. We will discuss the narrative vs. non-narrative, and the tangible vs. the abstract. How does language (in) form the body? Do language and sound create a choreographic body? Join invited participants John Jesurun, Jenn Joy, Tere O’Connor, Ann Liv Young and others in this discussion.

A new initiative of Dance Theater Workshop, Lobby TALKS creates a forum for open and in-depth discourse on contemporary issues in dance and performance. Organized around specific themes, each meeting uses as a starting point one or more of the artistic investigations, methodologies, and motivations that can be seen in performance today and on our current season. Subjects will be investigated, challenged, and considered by an invited group of artists, critics, and theorists, and is open to all who would like to join the conversation.

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