Talkin’ Back to Goat Island

Morgan Pecelli is leading a talkback with Goat Island this Sunday at PS122:

Eight years ago Goat Island concluded their collaborative “Letter to a Young Practitioner” (published in School Book 2) with the following sentence:  “All you need now is to stand at the window and let your rhythmical sense open and shut, open and shut, boldly and freely, until one-thing melts in another, until taxis are dancing with the daffodils.”  After twenty years of sharing their wisdom, inspiration and art with young (and old) practitioners and audiences alike, Goat Island has chosen to investigate the End.  The Lastmaker, is the concluding piece of the conversation that the members of Goat Island have been having with each other, with students, with peers, and with audiences across the globe for two decades.  Sunday night November 9th, please join the members of Goat Island for a post-show conversation about this culminating piece, about their work together over their long (or perhaps too short) history, about standing at windows, and, perhaps even, about endings.

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