nothing is meaningless

i was trying to fall asleep. i haven’t seen a show in what feels like weeks nor have i socialized, really. its all work and no play and a few very fraught exchanges and encounters. it is winter and i think its time to re-prioritize a little. please be patient. or be a contributing writer. no it doesn’t pay. but i’m looking for people who are not only into “theater” but are into “culture” writ large, who can write eloquently about its implications in all manifestations. in this economy there MUST be some good writers and thinkers who would like to help build this site into its next phase of existence – a locus for cultural critique and comment through the lens of the arts.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to get us paid.

Anyway – so I was saying, I was trying to sleep and the title of this post came to mind. I was doing some writing for work, about the “uses of culture” in “fostering engagement” blah blah blah – and I had this flash “nothing is meaningless” – which is true, even if sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And then I thought “Oh! What if you flip the emphasis? ‘Nothing’ is Meaningless.”  Silly trippy thoughts and mindgames – it must be the Gabapentin.

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