Stimulus package

Okay. This isn’t directly related to culture or the arts. But once I stopped giggling over the naughty-sounding phrase “stimulus package” I started watching CNN Money. They’re talking consumer confidence and how we get the banks to start lending money, etc. And they were saying how we’re all on this together blah blah blah

Okay but seriously – why isn’t anybody offering to relieve consumer debt???? I mean most people I know spend a big part of their income paying student loans and credit card bills. If the government wants to stimulate consumer spending and at the same time curb people of their bad habits then why aren’t they helping us out? Why not create a non-bankruptcy consumer debt relief program that gives a partial (or total) do-over for individuals to get out from under their crushing debt burdens? The program could include mandatory financial counseling from a federal finance corps (like the WPA) dedicated to educating Americans and helping them remain solvent and productive?

But that is just crazy I guess. Why help regular people when you can just give all our tax money to banks?

Oy vey.

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