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I just got the following email from a gentleman in India named Mohammad Hamid. Apparently there is an organization in Delhi called the Anand Foundation dedicated to reaching out to young people in their community to promote diversity through arts and culture.  Just to give Culturebot readers a sense of the random emails we get here at the home office. (Another recent favorite is  the email promoting the “Oldest ‘Still Performing’ Showgirl in the World” in the Palm Springs Follies!).  Anyway – if anybody is looking for a Delhi Magician:

Imagine… A big crowd of people, all looking excitingly at the stage. A mage appears. With his astonishing magical tricks he keeps the spectators in a ban, until they are brought back to the present at the end of the show.


This I could bring to your festival, event, birthday parties, Christmas parties, product launch and Etc.


 I am Mohammad Hamid, a traditional magician from Andhra Pradesh, currently residing in New Delhi. Whatever event it is that you organize, I can make it a blast with my magical performance and culture performance 

[videos after the jump]


Traditional Magic show- ( You can see our videos here by clicking on links below):-

Traditional Puppet Show- (You can see our videos here by clicking on links below):-

Traditional Folk Dance Show- (You can see our videos here by clicking on links below):-

Folk Dance No- 01- Kalbelia Dance from Rajasthan-

Folk Dance No- 02- Gummer Dance from Rajasthan-

Folk Dance No- 03- Khachi Ghodi Dance from Rajasthan( Horse Riding)-


 Folk Dance No-04- Bhawai Dance from Rajasthan- , , ,


Together with the group of artists that I lead we perform so called culture programs, based on century old traditional magic and Rajasthani folk arts. Our rick experience results in smooth and coordinated performances that will guarantee mutual satisfaction for you and us. International tours have brought us all around the world, from Holland to South Africa and from Belarus to the Philippines and France. 


Hereby I would like to offer you our services. Please contact me if you are interested in our program.


Looking forward to your reply,


Kind regards,


Mobile No: 9971664720, 9811692256

From Outside Delhi: 09971664720, 09811692256

From Outside India: ++91 9971664720, ++91 9811692256

Add: 2151/9B, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi- 11008, India. 



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