We All Gotta Duck

when the sh*t hits the fan…

For those of you folks who don’t remember the reagan/bush era and its subsequent aftermath, I bring you some sweet, sweet Circle Jerks:

and if that’s too loud for you, try this excerpted version from REPO MAN:

the pendulum swings – and we’re going back before the Sixties. Obama is the end of the Sixties. W, Cheney, the whole mess of ’em are the dark shadow side of the Baby Boomer generation – all the entitlement, self-absorption and “me-first”-ism without any of the idealism, compassion or vision for a better world.

But you gotta love these Millenials: fifties style civic engagement with 30’s style progressivism and 90’s style multiculti, diversity consciousness all mixed together in the Information Age Interweb Matrix. The future is here and while it ain’t going to be an easy transition, its going to be well worth the wait.

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