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i actually got called in to audition for this movie… but i think they went with the real thing. or maybe a famous person. i don’t know. kind of a bummer, it would have been fun.

oh and the voice is doing something different this year.  they’re returning to Webster Hall for the Obies (yay!) and they’re doing some kind of afterparty thing:


NEW ! This year, in addition to celebrating the Off-Broadway community with the Obie Awards themselves, the Village Voice is introducing Creative Block & OBIES AFTER PARTY, a huge multidisciplinary arts event that will include burlesque, digital art, performance art, dance and fiber arts from New York’s creative emerging artists and avant-garde underground. Running in tandem with the awards ceremony, Creative Block will also be held in Webster Hall’s rooms with diverse and innovative talents from across many disciplines, adding to both the fun and spirit of the Obie Awards.  Michael Musto who chronicles nightlife, society and the arts for the Village Voice where he writes the weekly column La Dolce Musto and has been named a host and spokesperson for Creative Block. The evening will culminate with a celebratory after-party featuring the well-known DJ Randy Bettis. He has a theater background and has garnered a loyal following from his work at legendary New York City nightclubs such as  Sound Factory, and Stereo.  Tickets for Creative Block will be available beginning April 1, 2009 for $15. General admission beginning 8:30 pm.

Might be fun!?

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