Let It Die? Really?

Rushkoff says, “Let It Die” about the economy.  I’m a longtime fan of Rushkoff’s, but a little dubious of the overall idea.

One question I’ve been asking is why a corporation/bank can be seen as a discrete entity which is “too big to fail” but a much larger entity -the middle class – is not seen as a discrete whole but rather a loosely connected group of individuals. Theoretically the government should represent the citizenry in aggregate and thus leverage their numbers to exert pro-social political will. That doesn’t seem to be working very well. So  is it economically and/or politically feasible to create a citizen-owned brokerage or investment bank that can exert pressure on corporations through the market? Would it be possible to create a socially conscious citizen-driven investment consortium that could force corporate responsibility through the threat of stock devaluation and so forth? I’m not an economist or a business person – and maybe this already exists – but Working Assets is the only thing I could think of that actually comes close.

Anybody out there have any thoughts, wisdom, insight, experience?

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