Location One Virtual Residency

this looks cool! [thanks to talia for the heads-up]:

Location One Virtual Residency Project

Call for Submissions

Application Deadline: midnight, April 15, 2009

Dates of Residency: May 15-August 15, 2009

Theme: “Levels of Undo”

Call for submissions for Location One’s “Virtual Residency Project 2.0″. Please send your URL or submit electronic materials to virtualresidency@location1.org.

For more information see: http://location1.org/virtual-residency-project

Location One presents its second Virtual Residency Project in the form of a call to artists and other creative individuals with the purpose of fostering collaboration and creativity across geographical expanses and areas of expertise. The goal of this residency is to find two participants who are not physically proximate but who are willing to work with someone they’ve most likely never met before using some form of non-F2F (face to face) interface such as webcams, email, chat, video, blogs, telerobotic prostheses, Second Life, MIDI, skype, social networks, walkie-talkie, snail mail, mental telepathy, radio, networked video gaming, POTS (plain old telephone service), tin cans on string, or any other means of collaboration to develop a project that will be presented at Location One in the Fall of 2009, either on our web space or in our exhibition space. The theme of this project is “Levels of Undo”.

The two participants will also use a blog set up expressly for the Virtual Residency Project to discuss ideas, possible projects and to track the progress of the work. The conversation will be public and open for public comments and will be considered an intrinsic part of the Virtual Residency.

International applicants are encouraged to apply but knowledge of English (to communicate with Location One’s Virtual Residency liason) is necessary. The theme can be interpreted as broadly or as literally as the participants would like, the project will be developed collaboratively by the two individuals chosen for this residency project, in conversation with a curatorial advisor at Location One (to ensure the feasibility of the project and help with practical and technical questions, not to influence or reject project ideas).

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