Please Help Team Culturebot

Hi Friends – Long story short  – a few weeks ago I did a pledge drive through a group called They had some problems with their system – among other things- and since we didn’t meet our fundraising goal we didn’t collect any of the pledges. If you like what we do here I urge you to consider making a donation via paypal or visiting our store at CafePress. We want to cover more artists and shows, we want to expand our coverage and offer more services but we just can’t do it without your help. If you can’t spare a donation at this time, please consider it for the future. Or maybe you would be willing to volunteer? We’re looking for a CTO to help us re-build and expand and for some help fundraising (obviously) and also developing a business plan to support our growth and sustainability. We love what we’re doing and we want to do it more and better. Please help today!! (I usually get panicked about this around rent time, you may have noticed!) xoAndy

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