Saturday night I went to check out John DeVore’s storytelling-enabling show BROKE. It was great. If the bad economy means more fun, quality, cheap and entertaining evenings like this, let’s keep the bad economy around for awhile. No more hype, no b.s., just a really smart, funny, guy coaxing audience members into telling stories about themselves.

I hadn’t been to the brick in a while so it was good to see Jeff and the rest of the gang over there. they’ve got a summer chock full of fun and more coming in the upcoming season. not going to give it away quite yet but I’m looking forward to a specific musical project scheduled for August.

Anyway – not sure when the next BROKE is, but check it out. And go check out our friends at the Brick, keeping DIY theater alive and well in the 21st century.

Here’s my friend Rachel telling her story (pardon the bad video, i took it with my Flip and no extra lighting):

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