Take Pictures. Make Money.

Rory over at Vice Magazine sent the following:

Hey Art-Nets

So I thought I would pass this over to you, I mean who doesn’t have a cool photo who could use $1,000 smackeroos? Sure some of your readers have cool party/model/pretty sunset photos somewhere on their hard drive. Text below about contest, hit me with questions.

Guess what! We know that you’ve always wanted an excuse to send us your photos of your aunt’s senile cat or the time your Belgian girlfriend projectile vomited all over the bassist of a Bosnian ska band you saw on your trip to Sarajevo or the guy who was walking around in front of the bank dressed like a seagull or your parents backyard in the middle of winter. So Scion and Vice are inviting any and all photographers to submit their work to the first ever Scion Photo Contest.

The contest is going ’til May 15 to see if all that time you’ve spent uploading to your blog was worth it. The top photographer in each category will receive $1000, the runner-up will get $500, and third place will walk away with a free subscription to Vice magazine and a copy of True Norwegian Black Metal.


Who decides whether you’ll be walking away with some cash and a sense self-worth? For our Events category, we have Ben Ritter, portrait and fashion photographer, photoblogger, and son of a municipal judge. Peter Beste, the photographer behind the Vice book True Norwegian Black Metal and documenter of the Houston rap scene, will be judging the Photojournalism category. And presiding over Portraits will be Jamie Lee Curtis Taete (yes, for the millionth time, that’s his legal name), photographer and expert celebrity trash recycler.

So start dusting off those old negatives, warming up the scanner, and looking through your hard drives. Then go to submission page and show us something that won’t make us cringe.

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