AUNTS is back with alterna-capitalist art for everybody


co-produced by ROLL CALL

The Movement Research Spring Festival 09

Friday May 1, 6pm – 12am

At MARKETFACTORY issued goods, live performances, dvds, projections, drawings are sold using a Barter System with new paradigm (handmade) currency based on the cocktail standard! 

Grace Exhibition Space 

at 840 Broadway, 2nd Fl.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

JMZ to Flushing 

Admission: cocktails for the free bar: beer, wine, water, juice, whiskey 

FACTORY issued goods by these individuals and more:

Deb Black, Iris Rose, We, Coco Karol, Ana Keilson/Zine, Nsumi Collective Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, Shizu Homma, Tayla Epstein, Maya Utsuinomiya, Wendy Thomas Autumn Widdoes, Melanie Maar, Stanley Love, Gaku Shinohara & Alex, Anna Sperber & Peter Kerlin Moriah Evans, Siri Peterson, Mathew Heggem, Veronica Carnero, Mariana Valencia, Jen Rosenblit Keren Ganin-Pinto, Christina Zani, Meg Foley, Luke Stettner, Bessie McDonough-Thayer, Maggie Bennet, Madeline Best, Hanny Ahern, Francis Stallings, Felicia Ballos, Jess Cook Sophia Peer, Allen Cordell, James Petz DJ, Bundlelyn, Katie Silorio, Rebecca Wender, Sarah Holcman,  Rishauna Zumberg, Minnae Chae, Alison D’Amato, Adam Walko, Deborah Karp, Sabrina Alli,  Bryan Campbell, Leslie Henkel, Eric Conroe, Eagleager, Melissa Sanfiorenzo, Tatyana Tenenbaum,  Abigail Levine, Elle Chyun, Rafael Sanchez, Elaina Morgan, Pangaea Corps, Jocelyn Ladd, Taube,  Allison Cave, Sandrine Bouiniere, Elaina Morgan, Sasha Welsh, Eli Lehrhoff, Megan Byrne, Gabe Cohen, Internet DJ James Petz!

AUNTS is readymade!!! Like loft parties, birthdays and DIY punk shows, AUNTS events occur in ad-hoc, domestic, out-of-doors, the theater and found spaces. AUNTS events are rigorous; dancers dance, collaborate and socialize with each other, amateurs, guests, the space, the walls, energy flow, non-dancers and non-humans. Conventional audience/performer configurations abound inside a structure of rules and traditions of performance that are completely decimated. The audience is boyfriends and lesbians and the dancers. Dance as liberation against art, regulation, commercialism and itself and those who practice it!

FACTORY (happened)

Saturday April 18, 10am – 11pm

FACTORY consolidates resources for production of custom-made art works in All media All day long, starting early, making SHIrTs!!!  Curators, artists and audience members are invited to manufacture original products at work stations designed for cooking, dance-making, screen printing, bookbinding, video-making, immaterial crafts, and more!!!

All day long! Open participation!

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