Perforum BETA – help us test this out

Howdy Friends!

So here at Culturebot headquarters we frequently get requests to post casting notices,  help-wanted, etc. etc.  As much as we want to serve everybody, its a bit overwhelming and frankly we just don’t have the time to really deal with it as much as we’d like.

So in the interest of serving the community better I built PERFORUM.ORG – an open discussion forum for performance makers, independent producers, etc. to share knowledge, resources, post help wanted, apartment exchanges and just basically discuss whatever they want.

I did the install late last night and its a bit buggy so I’m launching as a beta version and hope you will help. I will do my best to fix it as we go,  let me know what you find. Also if anybody out there is a web person who might want to help be an administrator/moderator/fixer-upper for the site, let me know.

Have fun!!!


Andy “Culturebot” Horwitz

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