Headlong Performance Institute

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HPI is a pre-professional training program in Philadelphia and we’re accepting applications for the Fall ’09 semester. Our next application deadline is June 15th and we’ll be notifying applicants by June 19th.

How will you know if the Headlong Performance Institute is a good fit for you? You don’t have to be a dancer, an actor or formal artist to enjoy learning how to push your inner elements. And if you’re not frightened silly at the prospect of exploring the corners of these very elements, then this may just be the challenge you’re looking for.

Headlong Performance Institute is where professionals working on the cutting edge of American experimental theater and dance work with students in a small group setting to learn about movement, collaborative creative spaces and how to tune your body and mind to be your most creative.

The program is open to undergrads (for credit, the semester counts as 300- or 400- level courses through Bryn Mawr College) and post-bac students and is based in South Philadelphia. All program expenses (except living expenses) are included in tuition and include tickets to performances throughout the semester, throughout the Philadelphia area.

For more information please visit our website at http://www.headlongperformanceinstitute.org and get in touch.

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