Petition to to the UNO and the EU to release all Iranians

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Petition for the release of all Iranians, particularly the university students, who have been inhumanely and unlawfully arrested across Iran since the June 12, 2009 Iranian presidential elections and the ensuing nation-wide demonstrations!

The Iranian people have taken to the streets after massive fraud staged in the June 12, 2009, Iranian presidential elections. Since that fateful day, there are daily incidents of bloody aggression against civilian demonstrators by various government elements, including the ‘Basij’ militia forces as well as official and undercover police. But the brutality is not limited to the streets. So far, several universities across Iran have been attacked by special guard forces. University students have not only been brutally beaten and forcefully arrested without presentation of any warrants, but their place of detention remains unknown. At Teheran University alone, seven students were killed, and more than 300 students were arrested. There is no information about their whereabouts. Based on the massive scale and specificity of these raids, it appears that these inhumane attacks were planned in advance.

We, as former and current university students, are deeply concerned about the life and well-being of our fellow humans, our beloved people in the Iranian prisons and we ask the UN and the EU not to remain silent as the most basic of human rights are at this very moment being violated in the most abhorrent manner. Your silence is nothing less than a seal of approval, a guarantee of the visible and invisible bloodshed in Iran; violent dehumanization that without conscientious condemnation and meaningful, practical resistance is sure not only to continue in Iran, but make complicit all those around the world who stand by in silence. The violation of human rights and human dignity knows no race, ethnicity, religion, gender or nationality; it knows no border! The UN and EU are today recognized as esteemed beacons of the protection of human rights. They are the official and respected voice of human dignity for those without a voice, those who like the innocent Iranian university students whose fate remains unknown and their very lives in danger. To stand by as gross violations are propagated against our fellow humans makes each one of us, including the EU and UN as esteemed international bodies, complicit in the violation of human rights. Complacency is the only way that such inhumanity can spread, can escape those bleak secret detention centers where students are currently being held and enter into our own societies, families, and individual lives. Let us not allow complacency and inaction be our choice in this decisive moment. We, as former and current university students, who by virtue of our fortunate circumstances are at this crucial hour able to express the voice of our conscience, ask that the EU and UN take responsible action and issue a robust response by calling for the immediate release of all the innocent Iranian university students brutally rounded up and unlawfully detained in secret detention centres. Let us makes sure that the honouring of human dignity and the protection of human rights, not dehumanization, is what spreads from land to land, regardless of border, in this one world of ours.

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