Summer in Art Centres 2009 – France

Going to France this summer? You might want to check this out!

28th May – 30th September 2009

Outings in 43 contemporary art centres across France


For its second edition, OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES is providing a large range of art exhibitions and events in 43 French art centres. Throughout the whole summer, from 28th May to 30th September, this event will highlight the dynamism and engagement of art centres which focus on the production and diffusion of contemporary art, their continuous work with artists and their firm commitment to the development of public awareness.

43 art centres, 100 exhibitions, 200 artists

OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES is offering more than 100 exhibitions curated by the art centres’ directors or by guest curators, showing 200 artists. Amongst them: Kader Attia, Orla Barry, Cornelius Cardew, Hubert Czerepok, Dora Garcia, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Yona Friedman, Ayse Erkmen, Ryan Gander, Vidya Gastaldon, Camille Henrot, Lina Jabbour, Jochen Lempert, Claude Lévêque, Rivane Neuenschwander, Mark Raidpere, Nora Schultz, Paul Sharits, Samon Takahashi, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Raphaël Zarka….

d.c.a, a strong network of art centres in France

OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES was initiated by d.c.a, the French Association for the Development of Art Centres, a non-profit association set up in 1992, which values art centre activities and federates them by means of collective projects. Leading institutions which are true talent spotters in terms of art, they bring together contemporary art and new audiences through the discovery of up and coming talent and the production of original work accompanied by works of reference. The first art centres made their appearance in France in the ’70s as civil initiatives for the making and dissemination of contemporary art. They’ve had a special relationship with living artists and have kept in close touch with the current scene. Originally venues for experimentation and production, they diversified into annual programmes of exhibitions, publishing and outreach towards the broadest possible public.

Creative outings across the country

OUT IN THE SUN / SUMMER IN ART CENTRES 2009 is offering a panorama combining tourism and creativity at the heart of each art centre and in its local surroundings. Original itineraries dreamt up by each art centre allow new audiences to discover locally other places dedicated to contemporary art but also public commissions, innovative architecture and gardens, as well as the addresses of restaurant and hotel owners who instigate new trends.

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