Curatorial Masterclass at EYEBEAM

An initiative of Eyebeam’s Summer School program, the Curatorial Masterclass will be led by Eyebeam research partner Sarah Cook from CRUMB, the online resource for curators working with media art. The series will be an opportunity for emerging and established curators of art to get together within a focused period of time to learn from each other’s practice, and to develop a greater understanding of curating, open source methods, and working in the public domain.

Through filmed discussions with guests such as Hans and Liz Bernhard, Steve Dietz, Patrick Lichty, and Eyebeam executive director Amanda McDonald Crowley, the Curatorial Masterclass will examine the following themes:

Day 1: Tues., July 7, 3–5PM
What open source is and what it means for art
Guests: Curator, Scott Burnham (Creative Director, Montreal Biennial 2009); Dominic Smith (co-founder, Polytechnic, UK)

Day 2: Thur., July 9, 3–5PM
Fair use, copyright, and the role of publication and documentation in curatorial practice

Day 3: Tues., July 14, 3–5PM
How to manage collaborations and networks effectively with new media tools
Guests: Eyebeam Executive Director, Amanda McDonald Crowley; curator and artist Patrick Lichty

Day 4: Thur., July 16, 3–5PM
Working in the public domain
Guest: Curator, Steve Dietz

Day 5: Tues., July 21, 3–5PM
Getting to know your audiences and useful evaluation

Series Format: The first hour of each day will be a formal conversation modeled on CRUMB’s tea-time chats, and will feature established curators and artists. The second hour will be a rigorous participant driven discussion, building upon the first hours themes and insights. Following each presentation and workshop, participants will have the opportunity to stick around for beer o’clock and conversation with presenters and fellow masterclass participants, as well as participants from other Eyebeam Summer School programs.

Registration will be strictly limited.
Please register online here:

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