Pina Bausch Dies

from the NY TIMES:

Pina Bausch, the choreographer and exponent of the Neo-Expressionist form of German dance known as Tanztheater, died Tuesday in Wuppertal, Agence France-Presse reported. She was 68. In a review of Ms. Bausch’s “Bamboo Blues” that was performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in December, Alastair Macaulay wrote that her work could be “strikingly picturesque, always fluid in its comings and goings” as it “switches between episodes of sensual impulsiveness; coy, catwalklike audience-awareness; rushing scenes of harrowing need or anxiety; and diverse aspects of melancholia.”

2 thoughts on “Pina Bausch Dies”

  1. Timothy says:

    I loved Bausch!

  2. Christy Sanford says:

    To get some decent reviews or an appreciation of Bausch’s work, you have to go to the UK Guardian and see Higgins, Mackrell and Wiegand to name a few.

    The NY Times critics are fixated on content and don’t understand the end of specialization and the joining of genres to create new forms. Moreover they are pedestrian and lacking in emotional depth. They are devoid of an ounce of duende. It’s a shame we haven’t had critics who could support a dance revolution here. That’s one more reason why the greats from this country have had to go abroad: Wilson, Forsythe, Clarke. Yes, some come back but to what. We don’t have a Bausch. We don’t have anyone with enough gumption to brook the prevailing order.

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