Hello readers and welcome to the Dog Days of August! Its been awhile since I’ve posted something essay-ish or personal. I have been, as always, superbusy. And besides, its pretty hard to focus on theater when you’ve got the real-life theatrics of the right wing nutjobs out there “protesting” health care reform and frothing at the mouth about the president not actually being born in America. With theatrics like that in the public arena, most everything else kind of pales in comparison.

At least Obama is finally talking back to counter these wingnuts. But I mean, really.

So yesterday I was in the BridgeMarket Food Emporium near my house and I saw Donatella Versace in the checkout line. She was accompanied by these two huge bodybuilding type goons. She’s one of those famous people with a huge head and a tiny body. And her physiognomy is, well, unique. Of course since I was just running a quick errand I forgot to bring my phone and couldn’t take a picture. (Think about how only a few years ago that sentence would have been meaningless. Taking a picture with your phone! What craziness!)

Anyway – – I’m going to see Witness Relocation’s free staging of Dancing Vs. The Rat Experiment tonight in the East River Bandshell, probably going to see something at Ontological this week. Trying to arrange an interview with a visual artist and a few other things. There will be fresh content, I promise you.

I apologize for the paucity of posts – I’ve been actually really busy trying to write proposals and grants to raise some money to PAY writers to make Culturebot better.  I know its crazy, this idea of paying writers, but I really want to do it if I can. So if you have a huge pile of money – or even a small pile of money – and want to be an angel, now is a great time to invest in the magic that is Culturebot.

Well, we’re going to take it easy I guess. September is just around the corner and you know how it gets when September rolls in! Yikes!

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