Culturebot 101

For those of you just coming to Culturebot and trying to get a sense of what we do around here, I’ll give you a quick primer. We approach arts, culture and ideas with a mix of previews, reviews & points of view, all kind of jumbled together in the interest of creating unexpected juxtapositions. That’s part of it anyway. I suggest sorting by category – “Five Questions” is our selection of mini-interviews with artists, producers, arts workers, curators and other interesting folks, “Arts Advocacy” is where most of our essays go, and everything else is kind of self-explanatory.

If you want to check out a rather fascinating but somewhat disjointed series of rants/essays on Arts, Culture, Corporations and the Interconnectedness of All Things, I’ve compiled three of my big essays into one handy PDF that you can download here.

Also, of late I’ve been obsessed about “deep reading” and the “fetishization of live experience” – you can check out my post on that by clicking here.

In general I would suggest just poking around in the links and the archives, browsing by category and searching for things that interest you. You can dive in anywhere and are pretty likely to come up with something good.

As we move into the next phase of Culturebot we hope to bring a wee bit of order to the chaos but still keep surprising our readers with new, fun and unexpected ways of looking at arts and culture.

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