The Promise of New York Screenings – FINALLY!

Hi All – the movie that I’m in is finally screening in NYC!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!!

In the midst of Michael Bloomberg’s controversial third bid for mayor, The Promise of New York, an award-winning documentary film that combines irreverent humor with thought-provoking political discourse, will be holding 3 special screenings before the September 15th Democratic Primary in what will prove to be a very timely call for citizen involvement in local politics.

The film follows the interlocking stories of three New Yorkers who compete against each other and billionaire incumbent Michael Bloomberg in the 2005 mayoral elections.  As they embark on this journey through the streets of the Big Apple, audiences explore firsthand the meaning of participatory democracy and the role of money and media in American elections.

Upcoming Screening Dates:

*Tuesday September 8th, 8PM; Monkey Town; $10
58 N 3rd ST, Brooklyn, NY
Reservations: 718.384.1369 or

*Friday Sept. 11th & Sat. Sept. 12th, 9PM; Dixon Place; $10
161 Chrystie St, New York, NY

Screenings followed by Q&A with Director Raul Barcelona & Special Guests

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