Capitalism: A Love Story

Just got back from Capitalism: A Love Story, the new Michael Moore movie. Go see it. It is not his best – in fact at times it feels a bit rote – but it is still a powerful film. The stunts feel less important than the central premise – that democracy has been hijacked by extreme capitalists who have, essentially, gutted America for their benefit. Now, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool leftist pinko socialist so it was definitely preaching to the converted. I’m predisposed to believe what Moore says. But what surprised me about the film was how inspired I was, how much I felt like I’d allowed myself to be lulled into inaction and passively accepting the status quo. Moore makes it seem plausible – even possible – that there could be a progressive resurgence, that we might be able to return to a values-set predicated on community, responsibility, compassion, justice and equality. Check out the trailer:

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