Hiroki Otsuka in Berlin

I got an email fromPaulus Fugers, curator at Kunstraum Richard Sorge in Berlin that directly following the premiere performances of Jeremy Wade’s “there is no end to more” at the Hebbel Theater, on November 28, Kunstraum Richard Sorge will present a large exhibition of his collaborator Hiroki Otsuka’s drawings and murals: “Everything To More “.

Hiroki Otsuka - Mural, 2007, sumi ink, 7 x 4 m. courtesy Japan Society, NY

Hiroki Otsuka - Mural, 2007, sumi ink, 7 x 4 m. courtesy Japan Society, NY

The exhibition extends the themes of Kawaii, saturation and alienation into the realm of shifting and dark sexuality.

In his drawings and paintings, Otsuka makes an elegant transition from erotic Manga to disturbing erotic fine art, applying intriguing gender twists to his uninhibited explorations of sexuality. His works “delve into our own experiences of the carnal; whether straight, gay, trans-gendered or otherwise, these works speak to the diversity of sexuality,” curator and expert for Japanese modern art Eric C. Shiner has written.

The artist has worked for the Takashi Murakami studio in NY and has exhibited with such artists as Yoko Ono and Yasunao Tone. He has recently executed large scale murals for the Japan Society (NY). This fall, Otsuka’s work can be viewed in a solo show at the Pittsburgh University Art Gallery.

Located in a romantically crumbling Street-art-covered historic Berlin brewery, the bountiful “Kunstraum Richard Sorge” art space reaches a young, and international audience, but adventurous discerning art lovers as well.

Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Alte Brauerei, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin Friedrichshain

“Everything to More” – drawings & murals by Hiroki Otsuka
Exhibition duration: 28 Nov. – 22 Dec. 2009
Opening: Sa. Nov. 28, 7pm  19, w.  DJ, video screening, special facade projections, performance.
Hours: We. – Sun., 13-19 U. Free entry.

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=178346846531

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