triple canopy call for proposals

Triple Canopy works collectively with writers, artists, researchers and other collaborators on projects that deal critically with culture and politics, and the ways people engage them, both online and in the world at large.

I just found out that they are announcing their first call for proposals for ten new commissions:

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its first call for proposals. We will be commissioning ten projects spanning the five areas outlined below, to be published in the magazine and presented in public programs in the next year.

We accept works in progress and proposals on equal footing. Some issues are defined by a particular theme, others are not; we will list upcoming themes here as they are developed. The best way to gauge whether or not your submission is appropriate is by reading the magazine and reviewing our general submission guidelines.

For proposals, please send a 300-to-500-word outline of the project, links to past work, and a CV or resumé; for works in progress, please send a selection of relevant images, texts, and other media, a 200-word outline of the project, links to past work, and a CV or resumé. (Please do not attach large files.) Email all materials to by February 15, 2010.

This first call for proposals is supported in part by a generous grant from the Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston. Commissions will be accompanied by a modest honorarium, the amount of which will reflect the scope of the project and the cost of its development.

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