corporate giving 2.0?

I’m still digging around  but with Pepsi Refresh and Coke’s Live Positively campaigns we’re seeing a distinctly different tone and approach towards giving. On the heels of the Chase Community giving campaign (which has taken some heat recently) I think we’re definitely seeing a trend. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how each of these initiatives works.  What do you think? Is it a new way of giving money to causes that doesn’t require vast philanthropic infrastructure and gatekeepers? Or is it a cynical ploy that ends up making people run through hoops in a popularity contest with little chance of winning? Does it reduce Social Innovation through philanthropy to a popularity contest?

Sustained social innovation through philanthropy requires a lot of time and commitment, research and planning. On the other hand, it can get bogged down in bureaucracy and lose sight of the changes it was trying to effect.

What will be the outcome of this new way of crowdsourcing philanthropy? Will it further these brands aims? Will it make a difference socially?

And how will this affect arts groups? Does it change the way we look at the arts, fundraising and social responsibility? Hmmm…

I want to know what you think! Please comment with links, etc.

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