OnTheBoards.TV is LIVE

OnTheBoards.TV is a new online initiative from Seattle arts presenter On The Boards. This new online platform features full-length high definition performance videos by some of the leading artists in contemporary performance. With videos available for both rental and download, OntheBoards.tv will offer patrons better access to provocative performances regardless of where they live or their busy schedules at prices they can afford.

What do you think? Will you pay to watch Live Art online in Hi-Def? Here are the projects currently available for viewing:

construct | Tanja Liedtke

The final project by the late Australian choreographer Tanja Liedtke, construct is a tongue-in-cheek look at the act of making performance and the connection to building a home, a relationship and a life. In a charged theatrical setting, 3 highly-skilled dancers depict a strange love triangle with simple props, sound by DJ TR!P and breakneck movement.

Orgy of Tolerance | Jan Fabre

One of the most respected and audacious artists on the international performance scene, Belgian artist Jan Fabre employs actors, dancers and musicians to paint a provocative panorama of a Visa/MasterCard society that indulges in every possible fetish.

THE SHIPMENT | Young Jean Lee Theater Company

In what is arguably her most hilarious yet challenging work to date, Young Jean Lee and a talented cast of 5 African-American performers create an unsettling terrain of well-trodden stereotypes that dare audiences to laugh as they consider their own preconceptions about race and culture.

Transition | Reggie Watts & Tommy Smith
A collaboration featuring Reggie Watts—standup comedian, former front man of rock band Maktub, R&B soul singer and experimental performer—and director/writer Tommy Smith. Transitioncombines Teen Wolf, Stevie Wonder, apocalyptic overtones and a dynamic ensemble of NYC and Seattle actors with Watts’ trademark schizophrenic sound manipulations and storytelling.

Alaska | Diana Szeinblum

Created by former Pina Bausch protégé Diana Szeinblum, Alaska is a sensual portrayal of memory and loneliness featuring 4 dancers. Szeinblum uses dark humor, extreme physicality, original music and a minimal set to create a beautiful spectacle that gravitates between uneasy stillness and violent frenzy.

Americana Kamikaze | Temporary Distortion (filmed at PS 122 in NYC)

Mining the worlds of Japanese ghost stories and J-Horror, Americana Kamikaze utilizes Temporary Distortion’s signature box set as an East-meets-West psychological horror story unspools, complete with vengeful spirits, impossible physical manipulations, elliptical storylines, nightmarish cinematography and stunning visuals.

Another You | Allen Johnson

Humorous, fierce and poignant, Allen Johnson draws from his experience as a visual artist, poet, truck driver and boiler mechanic to create a solo performance exploring the recklessness and vulnerability needed for an intimate encounter with God, a lover, or oneself. Directed by Sean Ryan,Another You is a series of brutally honest, interwoven monologues exploring our primal need for intimacy.

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