post-dramatic odds and ends

Just got home from Hans Thies Lehmann‘s lecture on Post-Dramatic Theatre. Fascinating stuff. I’m not smart enough to recreate it here. But I’m going to a workshop on it tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get smarter in the interim. Or you can just read the book, I’ll do the same and we can grab coffee and talk about it later.

Friday took us to see some post-dramatic theatre first-hand when we went to The Wooster Group’s North Atlantic which, though energetically performed by an extraordinary cast of actors, felt a little bit dated. I was left wondering why they decided to bring this particular show back now? Riddle me this, Batman.

Saturday took us to DTW for Yasuko Yokoshi’s Tyler, Tyler (scroll down to read Maura’s review of it) which we enjoyed quite a bit. Great blend of contemporary and classical styles, beautiful dancing, smart, thoughtful, engaging.

Sunday was another winner when we went to 92Y for Yoshiko Chuma’s latest installment of the “page out of order” series. Yoshiko makes really amazing work that is macroscopic and microscopic all at the same time, that blends highly choreographed and stylized movement with the pedestrian. Its definitely post-dramatic. But can “dance” be post-dramatic theatre? Oh goodness, I don’t know.

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