Git Your Drink On at Dixon Place

Just got back from the Dixon Place Lounge’s Grand Opening. Here’s a picture of DP founder and artistic director and everything-in-chief doing a little speechifyin’:

Ellie Covan Speechifyin'

If I haven’t sufficiently expressed my love for Dixon Place recently, well now is the time to make it up. You know, through all the crazy NYC performing arts ups-and-downs nobody – and I mean nobody- has stayed as steadfastly dedicated to supporting artists at all levels as Dixon Place. DP is, and has been, one of the most supportive incubators for artists in this city for nearly 25 years. Regardless of race, color, creed, orientation, experience, or otherwise, DP has managed to maintain a steadfast commitment to individual creative expression in pretty much every discipline. And while the bigger institutions are going through tons of changes, DP is too, though without all the splash and havoc. Their programming continues to be adventurous from contemporary dance to experimental circuit-bending music to Little Theater to big ol’ gay solo shows from ex-porn stars, DP has it all.

If you think you know DP, its time to take another look. The vibe is still down-home and friendly and accepting but the work is relevant and timely and there’s something going on nearly every minute of every day. The new space is one of the nicest places to perform in NYC – no columns, high ceilings! – and now, now they have a FULL LIQUOR LICENSE. So you can get your drink on big time! And you don’t have to be seeing a show. DP LOUNGE is open pretty much whenever you think you might be needing a drink. So if you’re looking for a place to meet for a cocktail and talk about artsy stuff or just hang out and enjoy the LES on a night out, head down to DP LOUNGE. You never know who you’ll run into, the drinks are cheap and strong AND all the proceeds go to support the venue – so its guilt-free drinking. Hell, I bet the booze is tax-deductible!!

Check it out for yourself…

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