Technoshamanism at CPR

This first week looks like fun. There’s three more weeks (I think) of guest-curated programs at CPR.

April 12-17, 2010
Curated by Karl Cronin
New Voices in Live Performance: Week One – Technoshamanism
Center for Performance Research

A week dedicated to extended mind and altered states in contemporary performance.

Events Overview
April 12-17 (All week) ! Cyborg Nation (encounters, performance, installation)
April 14 (Wed) 7pm ! The Art of Transformation (symposium) – Free
April 15 (Thurs) 7pm ! Trancedance workshop, led by Jennifer Hicks, $20
April 16 (Fri) 7pm ! Ode to the Winter Sea (dance performance), $20/15
April 17 (Sat) 7pm ! Beat Hollow (transcendent sound performance), $20/15
$40 Festival pass available
Student and Artist Discount Available

Tickets at door or

Performing artists have long used “technologies” to induce creative states, expand
their capabilities, and alter their audience’s perception of reality.
This week of discussion, performance, and participatory events will use a broad
definition of technology to bring to the surface an underlying aesthetic discussion
about incorporating technology into performance.

Technoshamanism is a term used for applying modern technology to traditional
shamanic practices. Contemporary performance is not shamanic practice, yet the
two share some important features. Technoshamanism is a messy term, yet for
some reason I’ve enjoyed using it as a placeholder for the messy terrain surrounding
transformation and art, states of being/consciousness in performance,
social sculpture projects that involve the shaping of perception, and a deeper
analysis of performance “technologies” and how they can be used effectively in
the alchemy of live performance. The concept of technoshamanism will serve as
a jumping off point for discussions between the artists presenting
work throughout the week.

Throughout the week there will be discrete planned events, including a trance
dance workshop and performance and a mind-altering sound event, and many
unplanned encounters, courtesy of Cyborg Nation. Cyborg Nation will serve as
the wild card that binds the different events together. Ongoing documentation of
Cyborg Nation, displayed as an accumulating installation, will serve also as an
ongoing record of the interaction between all the different events of the week.

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