Fusebox Festival Starts April 21

Oh to be in Austin, TX. More coverage forthcoming from Culturebot’s trusty Austin correspondent Tim Braun.

Around forty artists/groups and over 450 individual artists will participate in the 7th Annual Fusebox Festival including Big Dance Theater, John Kelly, Luke Savisky, Greg Brooker, Theater Replacement, Rude Mechs, Daniel Barrow, Kristen Kosmas, Action Hero, Phil Soltanoff, Kaiji Moriyama, Frederick Gravel, Allison Orr, Graham Reynolds, Mike Smith, Wura Ogunji, Heloise Gold, Okay Mountain, Rubber Rep, Cloud Eye Control, Jorge Rojas, Mexican Institute of Sound, Oliver Herring, and Marina Zurkow, hailing from Japan to London to Austin. Full schedule of performances is now available: http://www.fuseboxfestival.com/

By design, the festival is a catalyst for interaction between live performance, visual art, installation, theater, dance and music, spanning a myriad of venues throughout the city including The steps of the State Capitol Building, the historic Paramount, Austin Museum of Art, The Long Center for the Performing Arts, Off Center, Salvage Vanguard, Okay Mountain, MASS Gallery, U.S. Art Authority, to name a few.

Artistic director Ron Berry started Fusebox out of a need for more dynamic cross-disciplinary programming presented in Austin. The intention was to create a multi-track experience of new forms and ideas, a home for artistic risk-taking and experimentation. Additionally, Fusebox began as a platform for national and international audiences to experience Austin’s burgeoning performance/art scenes, and regional audiences a chance to engage with cutting-edge artists from around the globe.

Over the past six years, Fusebox Festival has created a hub of idea sharing and discovery for some of the most innovative and forward-thinking artists working today. Previous artists include: Forced Entertainment, Tim Etchells, Deborah Hay, Pierre Rigal, Miguel Gutierrez, Rotozaza, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Rude Mechanicals, tEEth, Reggie Watts, the Debate Society, HIJACK, LeeSaar, Phil Soltanoff, Kalup Linzy, Emily Johnson, and many more.

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