Lecoq Training in NYC

Movement Theater Studio Directors Richard Crawford and Adrienne Kapstein (a husband and wife team based in Brooklyn and trained at Lecoq) have long wanted to create a home for the teaching of Lecoq in New York and personally have been responsible for introducing the technique at several prestigious training schools on the east coast including Yale, NYU, Stella Adler Studios and SUNY Purchase. They are award winning theater artists themselves who are also excited to announce that Jacques Lecoq’s widow, Fay, will visit the studio to lecture on occasion. This is a great opportunity to get some intensive training.

JUNE 21 – JULY 2

Introductory Class Lecoq Technique
June 21st – 25th 9am-2pm

A unique opportunity to develop a heightened sense of the body in performance with one of the world’s greatest teachers of acting. Norman Taylor taught alongside Jacques Lecoq for twenty years.

Advanced Lecoq Technique
June 28th – July 2nd 9am-4pm

For students who have studied Lecoq’s approach previously and want to deepen their understanding with the aim of creating original material.

Neutral Mask
June 21st – 25th 3pm-6pm

Actors will gain greater control of their body on stage and discover an open, responsive physical instrument, free from habit and able to yield to the demands of character and story.

Visit www.movementtheaterstudio.com for further details

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