Orlando's Mobile Art Show

Who knew there was so much going on in Orlando, FL? Have been reading Orlando’s arts and culture blog DAILY CITY which has been doing this very cool Mobile Art Show project.

Mark Baratelli, the editor of Daily City, had been in NYC (of course!) and noticed the mobile food vendor trend and decided to mash it up with the UHaul Art shows and came up with the Mobile Art Show project. The first show was on August 5, 2009. He traveled around Orlando in a UHaul full of local art and tweeted his location, setting up shop at about six stops around town. The second show he got permission from City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando to set up the truck there and just let people walk in. At this point it has grown into a monthly thing and Mobile Art Show is an official venue in Orlando’s Third Thursdays downtown gallery hop.

Click here for the Mobile Art Show Info page with press, links to photos and a general description, click here for Mobile Art Show on Facebook.

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