Weekend Wrap-Up

Boy howdy what a weekend! Hope you all had a good time and good fun. I had an interesting weekend full  of a variety of adventure of differing quality and type.

Friday we went to the opening of a new space in Soho called the Rover. The less said about that the better. Yikes. Then Saturday afternoon we hightailed it out to Sunnyside to check out THE PROSTITUTES WILL PRECEDE YOU INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN at the Thalia Theatre. The Thalia is the first and only bilingual Hispanic theatre in Queens, serving one of the most diverse communities in the United States, including more than one million Hispanics from every Spanish-speaking nation in the world. It was interesting to check out the show which was very Catholic. The whole experience was muy ethnic.

After that we hightailed it back to the LES for the X-YU Festival. We missed the 5PM show of WAYS OF LOVE by Maja Delak* & Luka Prinčič.  I had to make do with dinner at Pulino’s (yummy food, too much at one sitting for this solo diner but well-worth it.) and then returned to Dixon Place to see the other two shows in the festival. Kudos to Ivan Talijancic – the shows I saw were compelling and exciting. Matija Ferlin’s “sad sam/almost 6” was a beautiful and simple solo, basically of the artist incarnating his childhood self. After that, at 9PM was Dalija Aćin’s HANDLE WITH GREAT CARE which was a spooky, creepy duet for two performers in shadow on mattress. It was really creepy and cool. Hard to explain but really lovely and disturbing and weird.

Sunday we took our parents to the Met and checked out the Starn Bros. Big Bambu, which was supercool. Also checked out the King Tut’s Burial exhibit and the contemporary photo exhibit “Surface Tension” – all good stuff.

Monday we woke up late and headed out to the BK for the TEAM’s “leaving for las vegas” memorial day BBQ which was a lot of fun. Saw a bunch of folks we know and enjoyed beer and snacks in DUMBO.

All-in-all a nice holiday filled with art and adventures.

Hope yours was a good one and the summer is off to a good start.

Speaking of which – the series I curate happens all summer long. So check out the line-up for SITELINES and I hope to see you this summer!

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