Open Mouth Insert Foot

A disgruntled cast member sent out an embarrassing email invite to The Octoroon that included the following statement:

So now the play has transformed from an engaging piece of contemporary theatre directed by Gavin Quinn to a piece of crap that wouldn’t hold a candle to some of the community theater I did in high school, directed by Branden Jacob-Jenkins.

The only thing I can say about all of this is that I am ashamed to be in this play.

The letter got posted over at The Village Voice where there is currently a shit storm in the comments section.

The cast member subsequently outed himself on Faceboook, posting:

Just for the record I’m NOT the one who outed myself on the Voice article. I don’t know who did that. And also for the record I feel terrible about all of this- I never intended that email to be published, never solicited publication, and think it’s lazy irresponsible journalism to do that. I apologize profusely for the feelings it has hurt and would like to state for the record that I feel like I’m going to vomit.

Not too cool. If you don’t want your shit out in the open, don’t put it in an email. Or on the internet. Keep it to yourself.

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