Art Matters Announces 2010 Grantees

Art Matters, the innovative nonprofit foundation, is pleased to announce 26 grants ranging in amounts of 3,000 USD to 10,000 USD to artists focusing on communication and collaboration across national borders:

Rheim Alkadhi
Support for travel to Syria and Jordan to conduct interviews with displaced Iraqis towards a series of experimental videos.

Yto Barrada
Support for the creation of MIA THE MECHANIC, a photo storybook for girls in Arabic, French and English in collaboration with artist Sean Gullette.

Janet Biggs
Support for travel to Spitsbergen in the Arctic to create a new video exploring gender roles in polar exploration.

Dave Bryant
Support for the artist’s trek through Annapuma Himal of central Nepal and the creation of a feature length narrative video travelogue.

Tiffany Chung
Support for a collaborative performance/video project with the Tokyo-based art collective Nibroll.

Ben Coonley
Support for travel to Hong Kong for the creation of a video docu-drama involving an x-phi study.

Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson
Support for travel to the Inuit Circumpolar Conference in Greenland and for a collaboration with artists from Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Russia.

Elsewhere Collective
Support for the development of a collaborative project in Spree Park, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin, Germany.

LaToya Ruby Frazier
Support for travel to and research in Edinburgh, Scotland towards the development of a protest computer video game with characters based on her Scottish ancestral lineage.

Chitra Ganesh
Support for travel to Tokyo and Kyoto to research graphic storytelling forms Kamishibai and Garo/Seijen.

Dee Dee Halleck
Support for the Waves of Change video series, a compendium of alternative/citizens/community media projects from around the world.

Kira Lynn Harris
Support for travel to France and Spain to complete a series of large-scale drawings and photographs of the Chapel Notre Dame du Haut, Sagrada Família in Barcelona and George Wyman’s Bradbury building in LA.

Donna Huanca
Support for the artist’s nomadic journey through Bolivia, creating ephemeral installations and photo-documentation with collaborator Roy Minten.

Support for travel and research in Brest, France, location of Fassbinder’s film version of Jean Genet’s novel Querelle.

Mary Mattingly
Support for travel to Bangladesh for a photography project examining water issues and culture, travel and architecture.

Ryan McNamara
Support for travel to Buenos Aires to expand the artist’s dance practice that evinces failure.

Camilo Ontiveros
Support for El Pedon, a project in which the artist extracts a meter cube of soil from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico and transports it, in tact, to an arts institution in the US.

Jose Perdices
Support for travel to the Museum Ahmed Zabana in Oran, Algeria, for a photo and video project Zabana Inshallah, documenting the dismantling of certain colonial collections.

Gilad Ratman
Support for a performance project with heavy metal bands to take place in a near Iasi, Romania, engaging questions of identity and territory within the region.

Lucy Raven
Support for research in India towards a video project involving Hollywood’s international outsourcing of 3D animation and visual effects for the creation of US landscapes.

Support for travel to Iceland to film the artists moving in extreme landscapes for a new video/performance piece involving the feminist reworking of the “man alone” trope.

Binod Shrestha
Support for travel to Nepal for interviews and video/photo documentation exploring body-politics, violence, memory and identity.

A.L. Steiner
Support for a video and photo project in Mongolia inspired by Ulrike Ottinger’s film Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia.

Javier Téllez
Support for a video installation in collaboration with patients at Miguel Bormbarda Psychiatric Hospital in Lisbon.

Julie Tolentino
Support for the project YOUR UNTITLED MARK (upon me), in which the artist and video collaborator Stosh Fila create live portraiture with five queer/trans artists in Manila, Philippines.

Judi Werthein
Support for a film project on Eva Peron working with the original French theater script “Eva Peron” by Copi to explore myth, identity and translation.

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