Theater of the Arcade at The Brick

Last night I was drinking beer and eating pizza at The Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg when I decided to stroll across the street to The Brick and check out Theater of the Arcade. (There’s a great article on the show and the game play festival in the NY TIMES). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find a really clever mixing of genres and styles that turned into an amusing and intelligent two-hour evening of short plays. What makes it fun (and a game in itself) is figuring out which scenes are inspired by which games and which playwrights (SPOILER ALERT!!) Who’d have imagined Frogger meets Beckett or Asteroids meets Mamet? Jeff Lewonczyk that’s who. Directed by Gyda Arber the show is geeky fun performed with pluck and enthusiasm by an able and willing cast. We had a good time and wish we had time to check out the rest of the Game Play festival which looks pretty fun also.

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