Tides Supports Occupy Wall Street

Thus far Culturebot has mostly avoided writing about OWS. Not for lack of interest, but because there didn’t seem to be much to add to the dialogue. However, since we pass OWS on our way to work every day, we’ve been thinking a lot about the economy, funding and the arts. We are currently working on a few articles that will illuminate the interconnectedness of artists, funders and Wall Street. In the meantime – and as a way to start things off – we thought we’d bring attention to this very interesting post from the Tides Foundation blog in which they explain, “Why We Support Occupy Wall Street“.

This is interesting for many reasons, not least of which is that Tides facilitates effective grantmaking programs for individual donors and institutions, having granted more than one billion dollars to nonprofits working for positive social change across the globe. And they support the 99%.

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