Mashinka Firunts and Danny Snelson’s “Semiospectacle Nº 2” at the IRT Theater

Ah friend rock! What would the incestuous world of contemporary performance be without it? This Sunday, Nov. 20, Culturebot’s own Mashinka Firunts is back in town for a special developmental presentation of her verbal varieté Semiospectacle, co-project with Danny Snelson, at the IRT Theater, a multi-disciplinary performance-cum-poets-theater, “strategizing the aesthetics of discourse.”

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to explain it any better, and not just because I haven’t seen a full version of it. But, if I can surmise–Mashinka and Snelson are working with a variety of performers, ranging from tap dancers to musicians to drag/camp, featuring performances of a “video organ,” the education of a new generation of Salomés…all to explore the construction of sign systems with the performance space. Which is a dry and academic way of saying that they’re playing with the idea of spectacle itself, presenting large canvases of images and ideas and text and sound–pretty much any sign system you can imagine–and then deconstructing or live-mixing them in a polysemous cabaret performance that riffs on the constant slippage of signification.

And, you know, tap dancers. $7. Don’t miss it.

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