Talk to Paulie on BBOX Radio

There’s this new sound coming out of Brooklyn – BBOX Radio. According to their website:
Much more than a radio station, BBOX combines a visible broadcast studio with a cultural venue and community center. Interviews, call-in shows, radio journalism, DJs and live music performances offer BBOX listeners the best of what’s happening in and around our borough.

I just started checking it out and it seems pretty cool. It was brought to my attention by the inimitable Mr. Paul Lazar of Big Dance Theater fame who hosts his own show “Talk to Paulie“every other Sunday from 4-4:30PM. So far Paul has talked to Jessica Hecht, Maura Spiegel & Craig Irvine, Athol Fugard, David Lang and Nick Flynn.  As you probably know Paul is a congenial fellow with big knowledge and quick thoughts – his conversations with his guests are engaging, fun and insightful. Definitely check it out – visit and start listening!


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