Cupola Bobber at The Knockdown Center March 15-16

Chicago-spawned and now Brooklyn-based art duo Cupola Bobber (the collaboration of Stephen Fiehn and Tyler B. Myers) perform their latest project The Field, the Mantel this weekend, March 15-16, at Knockdown Center, a new space self-described as:

an impressive anachronism: an expansive space on three acres in Queens but near Bushwick, where eclectic pursuits will converge to usher in a new era of experimentation, risk and economic sustainability. Through studied and diverse programming, Knockdown Center will pair business with art to disrupt the business of art and seek profitable ways to support courageous artistic production.

Located at 52-19 Flushing Ave in Queens, it sounds like mysterious and wonderful things are afoot.

In 2009 Cupola Bobber opened P.S.122’s season and we haven’t seen a whole lot of them since, so curiosity is running high! The Field, the Mantel uses 65 cardboard boxes, material from numerous historical figures including Buffalo Bill, Groucho Marx, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jimi Hendrix to investigate and interrogate how we both make and use history. The characters, as seen through Cupola Bobber’s whimsical lens, confronts narrative history in a struggle to discover a new better future.

Of The Field, the Mantel, Monica Westin wrote in New City Chicago:

“What makes their work so compelling are the additional elements of Cupola Bobber’s homemade, minimal visual aesthetic and their charmingly inelegant, often hamhanded choreographed movements. This combination of the physically gawky and the elegance of their theoretical and philosophical explorations results in an absurdity that’s both very funny and profoundly humane.”

Get to Queens for The Field, The Mantel and see what these conceptual performance art vaude-villains have in store.

Cupola Bobber’s The Field, the Mantel
March 15-16
at Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave Queens, NY 11378

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