Whole Lotta Rosie (Herrera) at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Last summer I went out to Los Angeles at the invitation of my friend Ben who introduced me to the Miami-based dance sensation Rosie Herrera, who was working a look kind of like this:

Rosie On The Rock(s)

Rosie On The Rock(s)

In the fall our paths crossed again in Minneapolis and we had a grand time in the Twin Cities!

Now she’s coming to The Baryshnikov Arts Center with her new show Dining Alone that, much to my surprise, looks like this:

From Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre's 'Dining Alone' (Photo by Adam Reign)

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre’s ‘Dining Alone’ (Photo by Adam Reign)

Dining Alone is billed as “an immersive dance theater work drawing from the drama associated with food and the dining experience.” Along with core members of her company, Rosie is bringing Miami performance art rock star Octavio Campos to add some extra sabor to the evening.

When I met Rosie and she told me that she began her performance career as a cabaret dancer working in nightclubs in Miami’s Little Havana, that she cut her teeth in a hybrid cabaret performance group called Circ X and assembled her ensemble from a group of fabulous, glittery nightlife friends, the first person that came to mind was the uber-fabulous Julie Atlas Muz, known for her ability to straddle the high/low divide (and pee while straddling it! totes jk.) Then when I learned that she was also a dancer/choreographer in for hip-hop and Latin artists I thought of Rockafella from Full Circle Soul. Then I found out she also trained as a classical opera singer and I was like, “Damn, girl, what can’t you do?” (Okay, I probably didn’t put it exactly like that.)

I have to admit, I have had a great time dining and drinking with Ms. Herrera but have not yet had the opportunity to see her work. Misha is quoted as saying, “Ms. Herrera is a woman of ideas who draws from cultures, experiences, and training not necessarily commonly represented in New York. Miami is so rich culturally, yet we see little contemporary dance emerging from that region. The performances at BAC will provide an opportunity for New Yorkers to connect with a young and adventurous artist from that part of the country.” The press release goes on to say:

In Dining Alone, a dynamic ensemble performs to music including live performances by a pianist and an opera singer. A series of surreal scenes unfolds incorporating food as a metaphor for loneliness and longing for human connection. An exploration of age, fragility, and isolation, Dining Alone amplifies the bittersweet, private moments of the dining experience with wit and sincerity.

Sounds like a good time to me!

The first two shows are apparently already sold out, so they added one more on Thursday, April 18 at 9:30pm.

Rosie Herrera’s Dining Alone 
Thursday and Friday, April 18 and 19 at 7:30pm
Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Howard Gilman Performance Space
450 W. 37th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.
Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at BACNYC.ORG or 866-811-4111.

Dining Alone is performed by Octavio CamposIvonne Batanero,Leah Verier DunnLiony GarciaKatie StirmanRaymond Storms, and Melissa Toogood. Lighting design is by David Ferri.

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