Brooklyn Commune Meeting #2 happens May 12, 2013

Brooklyn Commune Mother's Day Edition

Brooklyn Commune Mother’s Day Edition

Please join in the second convening of the Brooklyn Commune* on May 12, 2013 from 2PM – 6PM at The Invisible Dog. For more info check out the event on Facebook. And to keep the conversation going, join the FB group!


Don’t miss the keynote presentation by writer, artist, teacher and all around super genius Amy Whitaker talking about art and economics. Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Then dive into the Research Team Fair where you can join a BK Commune Research Team or start your own. Research Teams are self-organized investigative pods to research specific subtopics of the overall Brooklyn Commune Project.

After the last event a few people self-identified as coordinators for the following teams:

  • Independent Creative Producers (coordinator: Dorit Avganim)
  • Foundations, Funding and Philanthropy (coordinator: Kimberly Bartosik)
  • Economics & Finance (coordinator: Max Dana)
  • Labor, Value and New Models for Social Organization (coordinator: Nick Benacerraf)

The following teams were suggested when reviewing notes from the last event but no-one yet has self-identified as coordinator, could it be you??:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Aesthetics of Performance

Any of this stuff float your boat? Something burning a hole in your brain and soul that you’ve got to get out into the world? Bring it, share it and find others who want to collaborate.

And then, as if that weren’t already enough, after the Research Team Fair there will be a Mother’s Day Long Table on “The Art of Making Work/The Work Of Making Art” from the perspective of pioneering women arts leaders. Join in a conversation with artists, producers, curators and administrators who have made an impact and a statement through their lives and work. Special invited guests include Shay Wafer, Cynthia Hedstrom, Jane Comfort, Elise Bernhardt and others TBC.

The Long Table is a horizontal participatory format. So it is going to be awesome and you don’t want to miss it! Bring your mother! Or your non-biological mentor mother to share her experience and insight!

*The Brooklyn Commune is an artist-driven collaborative public visioning project to investigate the economics of cultural production in the United States and propose sustainable economic models for artists, independent producers and the system as a whole.

Four convenings over the next 8 months will culminate in a weekend-long congress in late November to develop an artist-driven platform and vision for the future of the performing arts that will be shared with our colleagues in January 2014.

The Brooklyn Commune takes its inspiration from the iconic Paris Commune of 1871. While sited in Brooklyn, the project is inclusive of all NYC and aspires to develop a vision with national relevance.

The Brooklyn Commune is organized by and The Invisible Dog.

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