5 Questions with Marga Gomez

For this video rendition of 5 Questions, enjoy this chat with Marga Gomez and Mateo Hurtado.


Is she on a radar? Is she herself a moving target? The timeless, classic Cubana Rican performance artist stand-up comic Marga Gomez leans into her fears and at large: the pitfalls of friendship and failed perseverance that bog down all of humanity. In Gomez’s thirteenth solo show to date, Spanking Machine, she contends with the grueling layers of trauma, queer identity, chisme, and ghosts of Catholic school yesteryear. But, alas! With her sustained flair for the dramatic fused with a salient satirical savvy, this hybrid virtual-meets-live solo performance unearths more than a few daunting, haunting “memory tricks” set in the 305.

You can get tickets to watch Spanking Machine live on Zoomfeatured in Dixon Place’s HOT Fest at: http://dixonplace.org/performances/spanking-machine-2020/

Performance dates: July 16-18th, 24th & 25th, 7:30PM EST.
For more on Marga Gomez: www.margagomez.com

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