Monthly Archives: September 2004

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Greetings from Ho-Land Part Five

A friend of mine here in AmsterDAMN, who works in advertising and knows about such things, suggested to me that this column might have some sort of future in men’s magazines—the “cool girl” feature so popular in Maxim, FHM, Details, etc—if I could manage to

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Patriots Gone Wild!

If you weren’t there, you missed one of the most fantabulous events of the Imagine04 festival. Taylor Mac put together an amazing evening of downtown art stars called Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiiild!. Just look at this line up: Rinde Eckert, Julie Atlas-Muz, Mike

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the good, the bad and the frequently naked

The kids in Radiohole are opening their show Radiohole is Still My Name out at the Collapsable Hole on Sept. 8th. Culturebot saw it as a work-in-progress back in February, you can read that write-up here. culturebot loves him some radiohole. you will too.